Deep Real Live

Real time face swap for Online streaming and video conferencing

Deep Real Live is a technology that allows for real-time face swapping

during online streaming or video conferencing,

expanding the possibilities for using virtual humans. 

With Deep Real Live, virtual humans can interact with an audience in real time,

delivering any desired message during online live sessions.

 As communication infrastructure and digital environments,

such as metaverse, AI, and blockchain, continue to evolve with the rise of 5G,

it is becoming increasingly important to focus on TECH

that uses AI to facilitate broadcasting and commerce rather than just selling products

through real-time broadcasts.

By piquing consumers' curiosity and engagement,

this approach can help build relationships and trust with consumers

through effective communication.

AI face swap and voice technology can be customized

to fit specific circumstances and create more stable

and engaging opportunities in a variety of settings, not just in Korea.

These technologies have the potential to drive significant growth

in the live commerce sector on a global scale.

Deep Real AI 2

Realer than reality,  Virtual figure automation technology

Deep Real AI creates virtual character images

based on artificial intelligence and provides content

such as synthesizing directly taken images or videos.

It can generate a realistic face for any race, age, or gender.

It controls the movements of virtual characters by analyzing the gaze

and facial muscle movements in video footage

and using this information to guide the movements of the virtual characters.

Deep Real AI can make it possible to meet emerging virtual human beings

 such as virtual celebrities and influencers around the world

at a more reasonable cost, 

beyond existing limitations such as movement constraints,

long production periods, and high operating costs.

Why Deep Real AI is competitive:

Cost: High work efficiency and low failure costs

Quality: Total quality management, high reliability and quality indicator

Design: Customized, exceptional design

Deep Real AI 2
Use Cases


- Privacy safety and anonymity 

- SNS influencer 

- vTuber, etc


- Virtual singer 

- Virtual celebrity, actor 

- Virtual fashion model

Company & Brand

- PR model and ambassador 

  without privacy risk 

- Ad model suitable 

  for social media era


- New and unique content creators 

- Content creators from MCN

Virtual Idol: ETERN!TY

A virtual project girl group created by Deep Real AI

ETERNITY is featured in the V&A British Royal Museum's Global K-culture Exhibition "Hallyu! the Korean Wave", alongside BTS, Blackpink, and Aespa.

A BBC K-Pop Documentary is also expected to be aired.